Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where Is Justice In CT?

Where Is Justice In CT?

By The Screaming Eagle of Freedom


As I sit here today I find myself wondering what happened to the State Of Connecticut, Its Government, and most of all its State Employees.  Where is/are the representatives elected to care for us, and just what exactly are they really thinking when they go home at night?  I know they all have state paychecks in their pockets and power to do absolutely nothing good.  I wonder this because after observing a Family Court hearing last week Taupier v Taupier and then waking up today and seeing more nonsense this morning and seeing that the local CT news was intentionally avoiding the Baby Aden and Tony Moreno trial, I wondered why civilized society has left the state? 

I am left wondering what had happened.  Where did civilized society go?  The Tony Moreno trail is beginning in Middletown with the illustrious Judge Gold, I wonder what dark thievery and miscarriages of Justice and without a nifty bit of prosecutorial misconduct the state will likely shed all its accountability to the alleged criminal. As for David Gold presiding, I’m sure he will be doing both the job of Judge and Prosecution from the bench, which is why no Media is covering this trial? 

Why are there no cameras slated for this trial of all time?  Let us be clear…the trial is really about the 50-100 state employees who people have jobs, roles and responsibilities to prevent child from being victims of Domestic Violence and from exposure to Domestic Violence and Judicial Abuse, yet the $300 Million dollars spent annually in CT, from the state and federal government highly touted State Programs could not provide a SINGLE OUNCE of support.   I know why this happened, a young Latino child is dispatched as noncitizens for the simple reason that his parents don’t have money or assets to steal.  Case Closed!

The Judicial Branch is the party responsible for and creating the situation of a child being murdered, not just the alleged criminal, THE WHOLE ENTIRE STATE, THE MIDDLETOWN COURT, MIDDLETOWN POLICE, AND TOWN GOVERNMENT.  All of these SYSTEMS are the culpable perpetrators.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/

How is the entire Family Violence System run by the Judicial Branch and Court Support Services Div.  (CSSD)  not in need of a total overhaul after this event is beyond me.  While we are at it, let’s stop all federal grants funding for all these agencies that failed this child.  Stop all paychecks associated with state groups and their failures that resulted in the child losing his life.  Recent article (today) in the

What does all this mean you might ask?  Well let’s recap.  In July of 2015 a well seated Judge (Judge Barry Pinkus) sat on the bench in the Middletown Family Court and denied a family “Protection and Due Process”.  To be clear that was his only JOB, to ensure DUE Process!  HIS ONLY JOB, he was the last line of defense for this baby boy and his mother.  The Court Failed this family, then the police did.
As a result, a mother who was abused was not allowed protection by the Family Court in Connecticut.  Adrianne and her child were in clear danger, the violation of the protective order is on the Criminal Docket site as one of the charges.  The child required protection as did the mother.   The entire state and $500,000, 000.00 dollars of resource were nowhere to be found!  This family was failed by 15-20 different CT State services including the Middletown Police and Judge Bozzuto who now herself claims protections against free speech as a victim and gets the protection.  

The requested protection (FPO) in family court is provided by the 100’s of family court services and is large and expansive state tax payer cost burden, yet they were nowhere to be found, except that they were available to Judge Bozzuto and her family for a crime that was never committed.  The CSSD budget is almost a Billion dollars for the CT tax payers to burden, and everyone should be afforded the same amount of service regardless of the income level, Judicial Status or housing situation.  However the reality is… in the Corrupt Family Court System of CT, this is not the case.  The CT Courts are not operated for us the public they are operated for the Judges and Lawyers who exploit the poor, indigent or immature state constituents.  These lower income rarely get attention and even rarer get any REAL support.  These folks of our society are pushed aside, and ignored for higher revenue family court participants or the more affluent divorcing family cases. 

So where were ALL the DCF workers and the 100’s of victim advocate groups funded by the plethora of state funding grants?  The amount of money funneled into these 501-3c is Ginormous.  However, whenever you call one of these state funded grant businesses (**something for help.ORG) there is always a push to go call another service (bigger state announced helper.ORG), and they always say the same thing to every situation, “your need does not really fit our program; maybe you could call X, Y or Z”.    How do I know …well I know, because I have called the numbers and gotten the same messages from the phone operators and recorded these calls on video and Audio.  I did this to see if the calls actually went to different offices or to the same offices with the same telephone worker, more reporting to come on that later. 

So why is this happening when people like Adrianne Oyola of Middletown apply for highly advertised and highly funded support designed by the CT State Court System and 200+ “not for profits” ? …  Hmm that is a good question.  These systems provided by CT Sate Dollars fail their one and only duty; protect the Children and Mothers from abuse?  Remember we are not talking about 2000 refugees in need help, this was one mother in need of a small token of help from a hugely funded state system with 1000’s of programs!

When court support services division (CSSD) publishes their annual budget this past year, the Director Steve Grant traveled to every CSSD office and talk about the potential and pending layoffs for 2015, and I quote, “we are fine for the year and have siphoned away 12-13 million dollars for a rainy day fund, no jobs will be lost or not funded!”

So why is it that baby Aaden Moreno was FAILED by the CT State Systems, the billion dollars of funding, the superior court DV services, the office of CSSD, the Judge Barry Pinkus and every Domestic violence prevention service known to man “not for profit grant based businesses” ?  Answer:  The STATE OF CT does not manage its affairs AT ALL, SEE THE DMV IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME!

Why was not one red cent of One Billion Dollars of tax payer funding services available to help protect Adrianne Oyola and her small child, Aden?  Only the state Judicial Branch can investigate and identify that answer.  Why do babies thrown from bridges for the failures of your CT Government, and the only one to blame is the alleged criminal?    

How did all these things fail in the most horrific and miserable selfish way.  How is the mother that had and was clearly in need of support from the well-funded Judicial Branch, only to be forgotten and left to suffer the very things the Judicial Branch is there to manage?  Why do the CT state tax payers have to fund all these “NOT FOR PROFIT” victims services that are 501-3c state or federal grant funded organizations?  Why are all these organizations funded by the state and who are they saving all the grant funding for... someone special?  Or a better question is do all these state run and funded nonprofits just pocket the money and pocket the funding and take home large bonuses and salaries?  
Why is the CT DOJ and Ms. Daily’s office not all over this, well she grew up here and get here direction from the CT Judicial Mafia? 

Who is managing and auditing these Special Funds and State Funded (not for profit) organizations with hidden 13 Million dollar slush funds?  Who is ensuring the funds and money go to the victims and ones (constituents that need it) that need it the most?  Well apparently …..NO ONE IS, managing anything, except watching the water flow under the bridge.
Judge Bozzuto is not victim, she and Jennifer Verraneault, founder - Family Court Consultants are victim harvesters, and Linda Allard she has adopted 9 children from DCF and was lobbying for a Judicial “JUDGE” Appointment.  Linda Allard also works for the CSSD division and is funded by the CT Judicial Branch Funding -   We all know where the power and motivation lies and is centered for the CT kangaroo Courts, its lies with harvesting victims to fill the pockets of Judges, Lawyers and Court Vendors and is subverting justice right under our noses and in plain view.  The word CORRUPTICUIT is real!

Well… we all know the Courts and Judges are not “the end all be all of anything” other than moving cattle to slaughter, violating civil rights and subverting Justice at every turn.  Or in Baby Aaden’s case moving things through to water under the bridge.  The Judges are the last defense in the long line of a 500 Billion Dollar PONZI scheme designed and engineered by the State’s Judicial Branch’s and supported by the DOJ to funnel money, fill courts, and ignore the honor and premise of justice.   
The Judges always whine about how hard they have it, well that is an excuse to allow them to clean their minds for the lack conscious and moral behavior.  Bozzuto often can be heard, well I tried everything to fix this family, except she leaves out the one thing she knows will work, stay out of the family and allow the common sense to be the rule.  
How do we know this is all being covered in plain sight… by allowing the Tony Moreno to be charged without charging the 15 – 20 other state employees who also failed their duties and allowed this to happen?  Where is the DOJ with Charging State employees for failing their duties? Well last year the CT DOJ fielded 11,000 phone calls describing the state’s known corruption schemes by State Employees, and not one thing happened, not one thing.  The CT-DOJ is an empty suit.
I encourage you all to call the “not for profit groups” and request help, go to court to get help, contact the Vitim’s advocates CSSD services to get help.  Don’t be surprised if you get the run around.  My Question is …Where does all this funding go and who is getting help? 

The answer, plain and simple, NO ONE IS BENEFITING FROM THESE NON PERFORMING STATE SYSTEMS.  Case in Point – the CT DMV is a complete embarrassment, even when compared to a third world country.   NOW Malloy want to outsource 1000’s  of $45K/yr jobs to $7.00/hr part-time employees and keep the DMV payroll the same? 

The story is two threefold, why is it the main stream media has missed this story, and what happened to the $1 Billion Dollars in associated Mandated State process that failed this young mother and child, and why is the Judge not on trial?  Adrianne Oyola applied for a restraining order June 17 against boyfriend Tony Moreno the CT COURT FAILED HER and the Baby!

The Violation of the Restraining order is on the offense state court site, who is the nut job running this circus?    Answer….NO ONE! Why is the CSSD and Judge not responsible for conspiring to commit murder!

Where is JUSTICE in CT?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Starbucks Approved For Washington Street Site

Starbucks with drive through approved for washington street
by brian e. clark

On Thursday, The Planning and Zoning Committee approved a plan for a Starbucks with a Drive Through to be built on the old Computer Tune & Lube Site in the Home Depot Plaza, on Washington Street. I’ll warn you now, I’ve been vehemently against this plan from the beginning, and I still am not, so if you don’t want to read why this an absolutely terrible idea, stop now, have a good day, and a pleasant tomorrow.

The reasons I am against Starbucks, on Washington Street, or anywhere for that matter, Oh, let me count the ways! Starbucks, for one, has a terrible product line, and have questionable business practices, at best. They also, do have some good benefits for the full-time workers there, but the key word is, “full-time”. In any Starbucks location, the number of full- time employees can be counted on one hand. And then there is the Big Box Store Effect, that comes right along with them, and all of the negativity that comes with that. Middletown, specifically, has for decades, been known for our small local coffee houses, and shops.

Now, I write on this aspect of this story because I am personally familiar with the owners of two downtown Coffee Houses, that have been here in Middletown, for over two decades. I’ve come to know the way these businesses operate, and how close to the profit margins they actually are. Here’s a clue: They certainly don’t do it to be rich. They do it because it’s a passion they believe in with their whole heart. I’ve seen countless times where the owners are actually sorrowful for having to raise the price of a cup of coffee 20 cents, because their costs have been raised. These are the people that make up the fabric of our society. They are our community. And they’ve always known, that a Starbucks would be a death sentence. Well, the death warrant has just been signed.

I’m all for bringing business in to Middletown, but never at a cost of some other business, or businesses. People may say, in this case, what about Dunkin Donuts? There is a clear difference between what Dunkin Donuts brings to the table, and what Starbucks brings to the table. Starbucks brand promotes the image of a cozy coffee house setting, and titles their workers, “Barista’s”, and specializing in Espresso, and specialty blends of coffee. Dunkin Donuts brands themselves as a Fast Food Coffee & Donut Shop, and there’s a market for that, they they have cornered, and they do quite well at it. The fact is, The Barista Companies, who own the Franchises of Dunkin Donuts in Middletown, stand to take a loss of business as well with a Starbucks centrally located as it is planned.

In the end, we are selling the Fishing Boat, for a Fish. This one business will infect the business community of Middletown, and slowly kill off all of the small coffee houses that have invested so very much in to the City of Middletown. I myself am a small business owner, and I knew from the inception of my business that I may be able to operate around Middlesex County, but there is no way I can afford to register my business in this City, or State. Being that I operate completely on line, I have the option of registering in a different state, and I fully intend on doing so. Investing in a small business these days, isn’t even a risk anymore, it’s a gamble. With an administration that is so quick to sell out any industry that works for them, that’s a gamble I am not willing to accept.

I’ll finally end with this: Throughout this whole process of Starbucks going before P & Z, I have been very blunt about how I feel about it, and I have disagreed with some, gained supporters, and listened to some people lose their minds. I don’t regret anything I said, because it’s how I feel, and I won’t apologize for that. The truth hurts. That, I’ve come to learn. But this country needs a healthy dose of the truth, because we have been pampered and lied to so much, that everything offends us. So, if you made it this far in the article, and still don’t agree, hey, that’s ok! We don’t have to agree on everything, so long as we don’t lose out f-ing minds in the process.