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Michigan Court protects alleged abuser, strips mom of parental rights

CHICAGO, January 27, 2016 — A Michigan mom says Oakland County Family Court has effectively removed her from her son’s life because she presented evidence of abuse.
Lillian Song has been involved in custody matters for more than five years in Oakland County. Her case is in the same county as the controversial Tsimhoni case; the guardian ad litem on her case, Keri Middleditch, is currently the attorney for Omer Tsimhoni, the father in that notorious case.

Song said her divorce started in December 2012 and was completed in October 2013. During that time, she received a personal protection order (PPO) regarding her ex-husband, and that PPO was approved or extended by five different judges.
According to a police report, one incident of domestic violence occurred on June 19, 2013. The report states:
“With the phone in (his) hand, (he) began striking Song across the face. Song advised that (he) continued striking her with (his) hand and the phone for about five to ten minutes constantly making childish taunts.”
The officer taking the report said there was “minor bruising under Song’s left eye.”
The Farmington Hills Police Department, which investigated the case, told CDN that the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office declined to press charges while the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office said no file was submitted for consideration.
Neither entity provided an explanation about why Song’s ex-husband was not arrested. Song initially received an order of protection on June 23, 2013, following this incident.
Song’s ex-husband has been represented for much of the divorce by Emily Long, a criminal attorney. Her website claims, “Criminal defense is all we do, and we do it right.”
Long was an Assistant Prosecutor in the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office from 2006-2009, according to her profile on Avvo.
Though the divorce was finalized in 2014 and the judge granted shared custody, Middleditch was named GAL in post-divorce because a psychiatrist assigned to case thought a GAL should be appointed due to the abuse. Middleditch was assigned to the case in September 2013 but didn’t start any work until after the divorce was finalized.
Song said her problems began when she noticed bruising on her son after he came home from spending time with his father.

Child Protective Services has investigated Song’s ex-husband on two occasions, Song told CDN, based on anonymous complaints he was abusing his son. On at least one occasion, Middleditch inserted herself into the investigation.
Song said that a CPS employee told her that Middleditch told a CPS investigator, “This has nothing to do with dad’s abuse and the mom is unstable.”
Song said her parenting time was suspended after Middleditch informed the court that she had been taking photos of her son’s bruises after he came home from visits with his father.
At a February 20, 2015, hearing, Long told the court,
“I remember specifically asking this because I was so concerned about the content of the photographs was how long have these photographs been going on … And Ms. Song’s testimony was that she was photographing the rectal and anal region of the minor child in question when he was received from the father’s care and then, when he was again, delivered to the father’s care.”
Later in the hearing, Middleditch, who stated that Song didn’t make her aware of any problems and that she hadn’t seen the photos, said,
“I frankly think that if these pictures are as described by both attorneys, have been taken as often as they suggest, certainly even after dinner, which is absurd to me, I find that the actual action is abusive.”
The photos, according to Song’s attorney Vincent Giovanni when questioning Middleditch, were of “severe rashes of the child’s bottom, which she testified occurred at the time he arrived from parenting time with his father.”
Giovanni also stated, during his questioning of Middleditch, that the photos were taken along with seeking proper medical treatment. Giovanni didn’t respond to an email for comment.
Middleditch, like Bill Lansat—the GAL in the Tsimhoni case—is a divorce attorney who is assigned cases to be a GAL. Her training and expertise in matters of domestic abuse are unknown.

The judge, Lisa Langton, refused to allow for the photos to be entered into the court record at that hearing. She said, “I am not going to allow these pictures to be made a part of the record. I don’t want any additional copies made of these pictures. I would prefer that these pictures be only in possession of counsel at this point.”
A phone message left with Judge Langton’s chambers was not returned.
Middleditch recommended that Song’s parenting time be suspended as a result of taking these pictures. The judge agreed, and since that court hearing, Song has only been allowed to see her son in supervised visits, which cost her $35 per hour.
On November 24, 2015, Song sent Middleditch an email in which she alleged seventeen violations of GAL protocol by Middleditch. These alleged violations include:
“3) Reviewing all updated material as provided to the court and parties. – None of the GAL bills list any such activities for the case involving Joshua and his perspective families.
“9) Filing all necessary pleadings and papers. The reports you were to develop and the work product that substantiated your finding and ex-parte discussion were never based on a foundation of facts and clearly violate Judicial process and the GAL standards and
“10) Consistent with the law governing attorney-client privilege, informing the court of the child’s wishes and preferences.” – The child’s best wishes and interest were never documented and were only spoken to the judge on behalf of the child based on ex-parte off record conversations.”
Middleditch formally removed herself from the case on January 7, 2016. Middleditch didn’t respond to an email for comment.


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Product Recall From The South Fire District

Product Recalls From The South Fire District

1. CPSC, NHTSA and Britax Announce Recall of Infant Car Seats Due to Fall Hazard

2. Britax Recalls Strollers and Replacement Top Seats Due to Choking Hazard

1. Recall Date: January 21, 2016
Recall Number: 16-081

CPSC, NHTSA and Britax Announce Recall of Infant Car Seats Due to Fall Hazard

Recall Summary

Name of Product: Britax B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite infant car seats and travel systems

Hazard: The car seat carry handle can crack and break allowing the seat to fall unexpectedly, posing a risk of injury to the infant.

Remedy: Repair

Consumers should immediately stop carrying the car seat by the handle until the repair is installed. All consumers who have previously registered their product with Britax will automatically receive a free repair kit. To register to receive a repair kit or verify registration, visit Consumers can continue to use the car seat when secured in a vehicle or on a stroller.

Consumer Contact: Britax at 800-683-2045 from 8:30 a.m. and 5:45 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. ET on Friday, or by email at Consumers can also visit the firm’s website at and click on “Safety Notice” at the top right of the page.

Recall Details

Units: About 71,000 units (in addition 3,900 units were sold in Canada and 990 units in Mexico)

Description: This recall involves Britax B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite infant car seat and travel systems manufactured between October 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015. The product can be used as a rear-facing only car seat and as an infant carrier. The car seat/carriers have a canopy, black shell and base, and were sold in a variety of colors. The Britax logo is printed on both sides of the seat shell and on the carry handle grip. Model numbers and the date of manufacture (DOM) are printed on a label located at the back of the infant car seat/carrier shell.

Models included in the recall are:

Britax Infant Car Seats and Travel Systems
Model Numbers
Dates of Manufacture (YYYY/MM/DD)

B-Safe 35
E9LU65M, E9LU65P, E9LU63F, E9LU66R, E9LS63F, EXLU65M
October 1, 2014 (2014/10/01)
July 1, 2015 (2015/07/01)
B-Safe 35 Elite
E9LS55T, E9LS56P, E9LS55U, E9LS66C, E9LS65U
B-Safe 35 Travel System
S914900, S915400, S915200, S921900,

Incidents/Injuries: Britax has received 74 reports of handles developing fractures, cracks and/or breaking while in use, including one report of an infant who received a bump on the head when the carrier fell to the ground.
Sold at: Babies R Us, buybuy BABY, Target and other stores nationwide and online at and other online retailers from November 2014 to January 2016 for between $210 and $250.
Importer/Distributor: Britax Child Safety Inc., of Fort Mill, S.C.

Manufactured in: U.S.

Note: Health Canada's press release is available at:

Mexico’s press release is available at:

2. Recall Date: January 21, 2016
Recall Number: 16-080

Britax Recalls Strollers and Replacement Top Seats Due to Choking Hazard

Recall Summary

Name of Product: Britax B-Ready strollers

Hazard: The foam padding on the stroller’s arm bar can come off in fragments if the child bites the arm bar, posing a choking hazard.

Remedy: Repair
Consumers should immediately remove the arm bar from recalled strollers and replacement top seats and contact Britax for a free black, zippered arm bar cover and a warning label to apply to the strollers and replacement top seats. Consumers can continue to use their strollers without the arm bar attached.

Consumer Contact: Britax at 800-683-2045 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday and from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. ET on Friday, by email at or online at and click on Safety Notice at the top right, or          for more information.

Recall Details

Units: About 49,000 in the U.S. (in addition, 11,000 were sold in Canada)

Description: This recall involves Britax B-Ready strollers and B-Ready replacement top seats that were sold separately. The B-Ready strollers have a silver or black frame with a solid-colored top seat in a variety of colors. The Britax logo is on the stroller’s side hinges and foot rest.        B-Ready is printed on the sides of the stroller frame.  The stroller’s model number and date of manufacture are printed on a label on the stroller’s frame between the front wheels or on the inside frame that connects to the back right wheel. The replacement top seats were sold separately in a variety of colors and fit into the stroller’s frame. The replacement top seat’s model number and date of manufacture are printed on a black label on the right side tube above the adjuster button, under the fabric cover.

Model numbers and dates of manufacture included in this recall are as follows:

Britax Strollers and Replacement Top Seats
Model Numbers
Dates of Manufacture (YYYY/MM/DD)

B-Ready Strollers
U281767, U281768, U281771, U281772, U281773, U281774, U281784, U281792,
U281793, U281794, U281795, U281796, U281797

April 1, 2010 (2010/04/01)


Dec. 31, 2012 (2012/12/31)

B-Ready replacement top seats
S845600, S845700, S845800, S845900, S855000, S855100, S856600, S870200, S870300, S870600

Incidents/Injuries: Britax has received 117 reports of children biting the arm bar foam padding, including five reports of children choking or gagging on foam fragments.
Sold at: Babies R Us, buybuy Baby, Target and other stores nationwide and online at and other websites from April 2010 through January 2016 for about $500 for the stroller. The replacement top seats were sold by Britax from April 2010 through January 2016 for about $150.
Importer/Distributor: Britax Child Safety Inc., of Fort Mill, S.C.

Manufactured in: China

Note: Health Canada's press release is available at

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The Ultimate Retraction

The ultimate retraction
by in middletown we trust staff

Earlier last week, we published a letter we received directly from Ms. Marina Golli, in regards to Ted Taupier. This letter was viewed a great deal, but no one posted any comments on it, and we thought it to be a very respectable letter as to the character of Ted Taupier. The letter in its entirety, was actually read to Judge Gold at the Sentencing Hearing of Ted Taupier.

So, needless to say, we were surprised when we received a letter from Ms. Golli this afternoon that reads as follows:

 Dear Staff,

I am asking you to retract the letter that was provided to you by Mr. Taupier on my behalf.

My original letter was completely distorted by him, he changed the tone and content without my permission.

As you probably know, it is easy to do when forwarding someone's email because one can change, add or delete when in a forwarding mode.
I asked him to delete changes but he still went out and published it using your publication.

I am asking you again to retract this publication of my letter
I don't want my name to be associated with Edward's Taupier's in any way.

I am attaching my original letter for your understanding of why I am doing this.

I am not giving you permission to publish my original letter.

I appreciate you understanding.


Marina Golli

Through other letters we received from Ted Taupier, and Pro Se America, also today, it’s alleged that Connecticut State Law Enforcement went to New York and apparently scared the life out of Marina on Friday morning, resulting in a Search and Seizure Warrant being signed at 1:15pm on Friday; 45 Minutes before Ted Taupier was bonded out of jail by posting a $90,000 Cash Appellate Bond. The Search and Seizure Warrant allegedly confiscated all of Ted’s electronics; Computer’s, Cell Phones’ etc.

This appears to have only slowed Mr. Taupier down for a day or so, as he was back online this afternoon. We can only speculate what happened in New York, with Ms. Golli, and whoever paid her a visit. The one thing that is clear is that it caused her to do a 180, and completely turn on someone she was praising but a few days ago. The rest is for all of your consideration. We will do our very best to keep you all informed as we learn things. Thank you for reading.

*Please also be aware that a Go Fund Me Account has been set up for Ted Taupier. The address is   

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From Behind The Wall, The Saga Told by Ted Taupier

The Saga As Told By Ted Taupier
(Currently Incarcerated at HCC)

This saga all started the Day 22 August 2014, when the Judge in my divorce case and her Clerk accepted the filing of an illegal motion.  The Motions that was illegal was eventually thrown out but not before a hearing was scheduled to hear the illegal ex-parte order of contempt.  Why was the clerk, the Judge and the Lawyer never sanctioned?  This is their game and they make the rules, the attorney was grievanced and the CT Bar threw out the charges of misconduct to which in the this trial she openly admitted to knowingly submitting and illegal order. 

When inherent fundamental rights clash with the immediate Family Court power structure, those common law rights are the first to fall. Under the direction of corrupt institutions the ideal of inalienable rights becomes a misnomer—since the structures in place have the immediate power to deny you those rights, they are no longer inalienable by instant circumstance.

And so it is with the family courts. Although they co-exist in a land where federal constitutional rights abound, and where such rights are legally controlling, these courts routinely ignore them. The federal “inalienable” right to parent one’s child is barely ever mentioned or entertained.

A fundamental rights are not to be infringed upon unless that right was forfeited by the person. Thus, for example, a person found guilty of some offense, via due process, can be denied the right to his freedom.

And yet, federal constitutional parenting rights are violated in family courts all the time along with 2nd amendment rights.

Through no fault or action of their own, parents are routinely stripped of their parental custody rights, and their right to free speech.  Later after months or years of such constitutional denial, a hearing may be held that in itself can take months in my case 3 yrs to get divorced. 

Why is this a system that is accepted ? 

In common practice, and by judicial design, it rarely happens or it is too late to mean anything; trials last months and usually a “settlement” is extorted from the targeted parent.

Combined with coerced attrition, parents are beaten down psychologically and financially.  The money spent on attorneys and mental health evaluators, and the continuing corrosive denial of their access to their children. During all that time, DCF and Family Services and state employed social workers of CSSD are always looking to justify their existence.  These state employees are constantly yapping at the ankles of parents like they know everything about parenting, ready to pounce upon the slightest anonymous complaint or contrived anonomys call to a tip line.  However they are rarely involved in real scenes of abuse.  These less than trained “know it alls” are eager to interject themselves into the custody proceedings and shift the presumption of parental fitness using hysterical claims, always against the Targeted parent – in my case the father, In Sunny Kelly’s case the Mother.  Gender non specific. 

The most disturbing fact is that for the past 40 yrs all of these issues never existed with the reality of the intact family that was my life. 

In walks Jennifer Verranault who claims to be a “fathers rights advocate”, and instead she has a hidden brain injury and sever brain trama that prevents common rational thought and is an attention whore and likely narcissist.  

Her mere proximity, armed with official henhouse gossip, is enough to dirty the reputation of a well established father of the target parent of CT Divorce Court WAR machine. 

Jenn wants nothing more than her name in lights and media attention.  Irrespective of either the legitimacy of her accusations or eventual findings of my innocence, it is no accident, that a sexual deviant JUDGE  who had her own divorce decision sealed and her entire office are overwhelmingly staffed and driven by ideological Divorce War framework workers that allow the likes of Geri Ficarra and Christopher Morano wide open ex-parte access to Judges and the all out manipulation of the CT Divorce WAR process. 

This War is driven by a key ingredient, a DSM5 classified Narcissist Parent, who is desiring a WAR at all costs.  Tanya is my DSM 5 pschyco and has no therapy and no drugs to control her and is destroying everything including her children supported by the the CT Divorce War system.  When she was in high school she was arrested for attempted murder and assault, she was given work study at ABB. 

I am not a disgruntle parent; I want the divorce and wanted it to happen in 90-120 days … unfortunately I had monetary assets to be siphoned and a full on WARing NARC to fight.  Instead of the Judges and GALs limiting this destruction they encouraged the NARC’s attorney to file 36 contempt motions to my one.  ( mine is now post judgement )

Where was the Gal when the false criminal complaint was being prepared by Chris Morano with the ex-parte call to the Middletown court saying – I have the evidence and seen the evidence and this guy Ted needs to be arrested.  Why is Barbara Hoffman not prosecuting the case, why did the State police investigation comeback with no crime being committed… Why would a prosecutor in judge’s chamber hear the lack of evidence and statute does not fit the arrest affidavit and not drop the false arrest?  Why would Barbra Hoffman call the Chris Morano and ask him for the evidence and he have amnesia to his stamen and Barbra Hoffman not have an affidavit. 
All this is considered a perfectly normal template, applied to the assembly line of families and targeted parents to be processed through their machine to justify the 2.5 billion dollar budget

milking parents of their resources, time, money, and quality of life. Most importantly to a corrupt system, it is the money that can be gouged from them, through threats of fines, imprisonment, loss of their children, and public defamation.

With such extortionist powers of corrupt Court, the money pours into the family court and criminal court systems like water from niagra falls

The only ones getting rich are the attorneys, Judges, psychologists, therapists, evaluators, visitations centers, The cost burdening of this WAR is furthered by the filing fees, and transcripts costs.

False or criminal Judicial orders and threats move these things along month after month, with police, tasers, guns, and jail cells not far behind for those who don’t play ball and lay down and die politly.

All these things in CT are very hidden from public view, provide a backdrop cover and concealment of corruption that would otherwise be prime for public criticism and exposure.

But all this thrives in the dark with Judges and police intentionally covering eachother and stipping litigants rights to far and due process. 

The only change that will occure is the festering clusters of insane issues are not being criticized or revealed by local media, then in back rooms the Judiciary discusses ways to hide the insane debauchery of corrupt practices from local media. 

Much as a tyrant like Idi Amin was able to get away with atrocities in Uganda, only while he kept it hidden within his borders, when it spills over into the rest of the world such regimes collapse under their own top-heavy, brittle, and self-justifying existence.

Simply… these Tyrannical regimes are controlled by the US state department, CIA and other foreign power forces.  In 1997 Indonesia went through a significant change, and in hind sight seemed to be an improvement to the geopolitical world stage.  I know firsthand what good regime change look like, I was there. 

Similarly, the allergic reaction that most family court judges respond with, to anything even approaching public attention or criticism, is a consequence of their guilty knowledge of what they do, and their need to cover it up.

Such judges will misuse the power of their office to silence, sanction, remove children from, and imprison those who dare criticize their system.

It makes no difference to them that everything they do is public record by law and a unconstitutional, and is the right of the public to see them. They have no boss and no governance, in 2007 and 2008 the world screamed about the wall street and the TARP – toxic asset recovery program, and the sharp critisms of the hundreds of billions in bailouts,

Divorce court is a 50-100 bilion dollar industry. 

Unfortunatly targeted parents are not always aware of the zero-tolerance attitude of Family court judges when it comes to inalienable consttutional rights. 

savvy attorneys will naturally attempt to game the system by filing frivolous motions in these courts seeking to shut down the opposing side’s public speech, motions that in any other court would be considered legally frivolous, and sanctionable.  The 250 motions in my family case 90% were filed by the ex-wife and her attorney.

Now we find our selfves at a cross roads Information Wants to Be Set Free, internet and common tools allow free and easy sharing. 

As our culture evolves, and since information just wants to be free, we now see increasingly, [1] the popular dissemination and publication of public criticism of governmental institutional abuses, and [2] the reactionary backlash by those same institutions who have grown complacent, sloppy, and self-righteous with the abusive and hidden activities regularly committed out of public oversight and public view especially on Youtube.  .

Funny thing is, the Judicial System power brokers now have to deal with open and anonymous critique and review.  Social medial will be the death of the dark and hidden corruption.  Now the public will see who needs quality control when the corruption is brought to light. 

Like cockroaches, the daily vial and criminal state employees making up these institutions run for cover when exposed to the light of public attention and will therefore try to subvert any attempt to do so to allow the free press and the publishing of negative or criminal information. 

It is the same dynamic that drives police officers across the nation to falsely assert their right to commit atrocities in public, yet demand that no one be permitted to record them doing it.

Similarly, we can see the NSA’s reactions to Edward Snowden’s revelations of their illegal activities, seeking to shut him down preemptively. Even on trivial matters, the NSA sought to shut down even a T-Shirt manufacturer for selling shirts that mocked the NSA.

With the same mentality, the CT Superior Courts have reacted similarly to public disclosure, blocking media coverage of this trial and of their normally hidden inner sanctum of misconduct and Judges prosecuting from the bench.

Recently we learned of one of these CT base atrocities where a 19 yr old man was jailed by a Judge and false prosecution.  Kenneth Ireland was jailed for 23 yrs and his life was completely destroyed by the CT Court system not desiring justice, because the justice system was not intersted in justice they wanted to have fun and destroy innocent man assigned with a Public Pretender.  Later DNA evidence proved his innocentce and we the tax payers get to foot the bill of their preventable mistake. 

With the fortress-like edifice that CT family courts hold against any review or oversight, the only thing they seem to respond to is public attention and outrage and media attention.  The CT Court have implemented policy to prevent uncontrolled free press from covering courts and their ways to keep their violations out of public view.

Illegal edicts, judicial threats, and orders often get conveyed to parents in far more subtle ways, ways that lack a formal written record or order that they can be held accountable for.

Family court judges will order or threaten parents from the bench, not issuing a formal written order that they know can be appealed or republished to the public. In this way they avoid the disinfecting sunlight of public attention, yet still manage to convey their threats and censorship.

Everyone in CT knows there was no threat, the email in question was of ten facts – the facts when collected did not ask or elicit any actions from anyone, and no action occurred.   If the same words were written on a brick train truss in the middle of nowhere the outcome would have been different and no one would have done a thing. 
Free speech is free speech – except in CT where judges don’t look at facts and place themselves on pedestals above the president of the United States.  Use the CT State Police as their private Gestapo’s to violate civil rights. 

In Closing :
Several federal agencies reviewed the facts and issued statements to my attorney this this is not a crime and would never be considered a crime.  How is it a crime in CT when there was the following statement?

CT Judicial all self appointed political absolute power to not follow the constitution but to create distrust of the public

1.    I've seen years of fighting go un-noticed, people are still suffering ... Judges still fucking sheeple over. Time to change the game.

2.    I don't make threats, I present facts and arguments. The argument today is what has all the energy that has expended done to really effect change, the bottom line is - insanity is defined as doing the something over and over and expecting a different outcome ...

3.    We should all be done .. and change the game to get results ... that's what Thomas Jefferson wrote about constantly ....  

In November of 2014, Brenda Hans commented in a public forum in the court house 3rd floor under her commissioner of the court oath : “well he never really threatened the Judge, but he is evil and should be punished because there are small children involved” – documented by third party witness

The email was a list of ten facts nothing more; these facts were to provoke intellectual political conversation like they do all over social media every day.

The truth is my private email was a private conversation, I had no idea there was a connection between a self proclaimed father rights advocate and her mental disorder and the Linda Allard. 

Jennifer never disclosed she took my private email and disseminated it for her own emotional thrill seeking and enjoyment and to start her Family Court Consultants LLC. 

The email was never sent to a Judge and the Letter that was received by Brian Clemens was created and sent by Jennifer and Linda Allard

Lastly – The Judge in this case issued a statement about writing his own jury instructions, this was omitted and when on compares the decision to the current jury instructions we find significant abuse of discretion with the laws and the current jury instructions.    

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Came. I saw. I spoke. I'm Shocked!

I Came. I Saw. I spoke. I’m shocked!
by Brian E. Clark

This story is the culmination of the previous 3 stories written on the topic. Today, the 12th of January, 2016 was the day Ted Taupier was sentenced by Superior Court Judge, David Gold. To begin with, I had planned on being at this event, to support my friend Ted Taupier, from the very beginning. He went to trial, he was found guilty of 1st Degree Threatening, 2 Counts of Disorderly Conduct, and 2nd Degree Breach of Peace. All stemming from allegedly threatening a Superior Court Judge, Elizabeth Bozzuto; the Judge overseeing his divorce case. I’m not here to discuss my thoughts on the case; I’ve done that in previous stories, but I will stick to saying I don’t agree with the conviction. It wasn’t until this morning, that I was asked to address the court on Ted’s behalf. I had absolutely no problem doing this; I would have done this for anyone I call my friend.

Now, I am very familiar with the Judicial System in Connecticut. I have been in court supporting other friends, and I’ve been on the business end of a Judge’s Gavel before myself. (Which I do not recommend) Typically, court proceedings are brief, or at the very extreme end of the spectrum, I’ve been in court for about 45 minutes in a prior sentencing. Nothing I have ever been through would have prepared me for what I went through today. I arrived early with Ted and his attorney, Rachel Baird. We briefly discussed what I would say, and then they had private sessions. While waiting in the hallway, talking with a State Judicial Marshall I’ve known very well, the arrival of 3 State Troopers, coming off the elevator, surprised me. What shocked me, was they were armed. I have never, ever, seen a Police Officer allowed to bring his firearm in to a court house. They are typically required to check them in at the door. That alone; that 3 State Troopers were present with loaded firearms, tasers, and pepper spray, was the ringing bell, that this would be no ordinary day in court.

The Judge entered the courtroom, and the State Prosecutor’s  and Rachel Baird, began with their opening statements; the state making Ted sound like Satan reincarnated, and Rachel making very valid points, and pointing out blatant mistakes made in the pre-sentence investigation process, and high lighting the good man Ted Taupier is. No real surprise from either side. Then, the State called their only witness to speak; Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, who in keeping with a victim of threatening, talked about how her sense of peace and sanity is destroyed because of the actions of Mr. Taupier. I’m not making light of the way she feels, because I believe whole- heartedly, that she feels this way, and to some degree I see why, but this is an article on how Mr. Taupier got bent over a barrel, and took it dry, despite the support that showed up for him, and spoke on his behalf. I guess if you want to hear sympathetic views for Judge Bozzuto, you’ll have to go elsewhere. All in all, Judge Bozzuto spoke very eloquently for a victim of Threatening, and her prepared statement took about 20 minutes. This was the State’s only witness, and she left immediately after speaking. Jennifer Verrenault, the other “victim” in this case, was not present.

Ted’s defense witnesses, began with his two sisters, Anne and Mary, speaking. Both were on the verge of tears, and the testimony they provided was very emotional even for myself. As they spoke of the emotional state of Ted’s children, and the impact that this whole process has had on them, I couldn’t hold back a few tears, and I am not an emotional person. As a sidebar: I think that this whole process will be incredibly hard on Ted’s children, and we can only hope the appellate process works properly, and gives them back their father. Otherwise, I foresee a very hard upbringing of these children, who will have problems far in to their future. I had the very hard act to follow Ted’s two sister’s. I remained very neutral on the actual guilty verdict, because, for one, it’s inane that I would comment on something I have no control over. (And no one gives a damn what I think) The only thing I will quote from what I said is this: “ Your honor, I am very familiar with this case. It’s facts and evidence. And I’ve listened to both the Prosecution and Defense speak here today. And given the proper arena, and paintbrush, anyone can paint a picture of how they want their side viewed. I’m here to speak on behalf of my friend Ted Taupier.” And that is exactly what I did. I kept it brief, and I mentioned all the great qualities I know about Ted, and shared a few experiences I had with Ted in my life. My major goal was to show Ted as the loving father, and great friend I know him to be. Period.

Unfortunately, following me, was a man named Michael Nowacki. If you type Michael N in to Google, he’s the first one to show up. A Constitutional Advocate, and Federalist Advocate, Mr. Nowacki, I think did more harm than good. He began by asking if there was a time limit on his testimony, and I knew then, this wasn’t going to go well. He put on a show for close to an hour, being warned by Judge Gold 4 or 5 times to stay on topic, before ultimately being shut down- accomplishing nothing, except making my parking meter run over. Mr. Nowacki, you owe me $10.

A lovely young woman spoke next, and she was also the last. Lillian Song, a friend of Ted Taupier’s, a survivor of Domestic Violence. She spoke from the heart, as a victim, and still pleaded for the court to show leniency and mercy on Ted, because like myself, she wasn’t convinced a crime was committed here. She did go slightly off topic, referencing two other cases having to do with threatening, which the Judge did shut her down on, but I think she would have connected the dots if given the chance. She was eloquent, and spoke very well of Ted, and this is where I’m going to rain on all our parades: It was all for nothing.

These hearings are held so the Prosecution, and the Defense can provide any last minute witnesses, and information to influence the Judge when it comes to sentencing. Now, sure, the Judge has all kinds of information given to him well in advance. Pre-Sentence Investigations are conducted, letters of character reference are written, all in attempt to sway the opinion of the Judge. (To be clear, I also wrote a letter to Adult Probation on Ted’s behalf during the Presentencing Investigation) And, let’s be clear, in rendering his verdict on this case, Judge Gold covered every base, and issued a 56 page verdict. That all said, this hearing took well over 3 hours; nothing I’ve ever seen before. State Troopers, who were armed, were present. 8 Judicial Marshal’s surrounded the Courtroom, with the Chief Marshal overseeing everything there as well. The head Prosecutor, and Public Defender were also present. And the courtroom seats were all taken. Then the sentence was handed down….

Judge David Gold then read from a piece of paper (Remember when I said all of this was for nothing?), Ted Taupier will serve 5 years, Suspended after 18 Months Served, with 5 Years Probation. He additionally received 3 months for Each Count of Disorderly Conduct, and 6 Months for 2nd Degree Breach of Peace; All to be served Concurrently, meaning the total Prison time to be served is 18 Months. Immediately, Attorney Norm Pattis, Ted’s Appellate Lawyer, petitioned the Court to apply an Appellate Bond, which Judge Gold did set at $90,000 Cash. Initially Ted had posted $75,000 Cash to be out on Bond during the time during the trial, and that money will be refunded to his Sister, who posted it. It will hopefully be applied to his Appellate Bond, which he is still $15,000 short on. A GoFundMe Page has been started to help Ted and his Family out in this difficult time. The afternoon culminated with Ted Taupier being led away to jail in Handcuffs, his immediate future, very uncertain.

As I said earlier, I have already stated that I didn’t agree with the verdict, but today I think I witnessed the completion of a miscarriage of justice. It seems I see that a lot these days. Perhaps it’s not the people, but the system.