Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Ultimate Retraction

The ultimate retraction
by in middletown we trust staff

Earlier last week, we published a letter we received directly from Ms. Marina Golli, in regards to Ted Taupier. This letter was viewed a great deal, but no one posted any comments on it, and we thought it to be a very respectable letter as to the character of Ted Taupier. The letter in its entirety, was actually read to Judge Gold at the Sentencing Hearing of Ted Taupier.

So, needless to say, we were surprised when we received a letter from Ms. Golli this afternoon that reads as follows:

 Dear Staff,

I am asking you to retract the letter that was provided to you by Mr. Taupier on my behalf.

My original letter was completely distorted by him, he changed the tone and content without my permission.

As you probably know, it is easy to do when forwarding someone's email because one can change, add or delete when in a forwarding mode.
I asked him to delete changes but he still went out and published it using your publication.

I am asking you again to retract this publication of my letter
I don't want my name to be associated with Edward's Taupier's in any way.

I am attaching my original letter for your understanding of why I am doing this.

I am not giving you permission to publish my original letter.

I appreciate you understanding.


Marina Golli

Through other letters we received from Ted Taupier, and Pro Se America, also today, it’s alleged that Connecticut State Law Enforcement went to New York and apparently scared the life out of Marina on Friday morning, resulting in a Search and Seizure Warrant being signed at 1:15pm on Friday; 45 Minutes before Ted Taupier was bonded out of jail by posting a $90,000 Cash Appellate Bond. The Search and Seizure Warrant allegedly confiscated all of Ted’s electronics; Computer’s, Cell Phones’ etc.

This appears to have only slowed Mr. Taupier down for a day or so, as he was back online this afternoon. We can only speculate what happened in New York, with Ms. Golli, and whoever paid her a visit. The one thing that is clear is that it caused her to do a 180, and completely turn on someone she was praising but a few days ago. The rest is for all of your consideration. We will do our very best to keep you all informed as we learn things. Thank you for reading.

*Please also be aware that a Go Fund Me Account has been set up for Ted Taupier. The address is   


  1. From: Ted Taupier
    Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2016 6:04 PM
    To: Brian Clark; ProSe America
    Cc:;; Michael Volpe
    Subject: Re: Interview - Marina Crazy Town and statement retraction.

    Here are the facts

    1) last year she came over the house by my invite, i heard she was about to be put on the street and had her over for dinner to try determine a way to help her.

    2) A months or two later she was homeless and out on the street sleeping in her car, with her dog in Walmart parking lot in WHartford. I asked the mutual friend to contact her and say she was welcome with her dog in my home.

    I asked for no money and nothing in return, Months earlier i did the same for Dan Lynch, Minnie Gonzolas, and a friend Richard Small. I have asked for nothing in return, no rent, no food, no money for utilities or heat.

    3) She accepted and came to stay. She is a victim of Family court and brought with her life's court baggage, I will not share what issues she has both emotionally and physically. .

    4) Several times she wanted physical relationship with me and I was not on that level and did not desire that, I explained that the situation was friend only. She had a boy friend Mike, and he was also trying to help her as well and I was not desiring any relationship in that way. She on occasions brought groceries and walked the dogs due to my incarceration in my home. Her Dog was boarded at my home for over a year and was treated like family.

    5) Marina asked if I could help her write the letter, her third language was English and although she was a MD in Cuba for some time she struggled with English, conversations and writing her thoughts ( which I helped her with ). She called on day a month or so ago and we spoke about the approach. She struggled with writing English and was in need of somewhere to start.

    6) I said I would help, because she said she wanted to give back, and we started on the phone with some bullet points to help her frame out a story she wanted to tell. She eventually sent me two copies, the second being her final draft for me to work with. The agreement we had... was I would help her and polish the thoughts she wanted to convey and with English and we collaboratively write a draft for her which would allow her to make it her own, and change anything she needed. She was appreciative as to not wanting to be embarrassed by the copy given to the court of CT.

    7) This collaboration went on for a week or so. I have several witness that were here to witness these speaker phone calls and the emails I wrote to her.

    8) Two days before I sent back the final draft that we talked about it, i read it to her and I emailed the copy to her. While on the phone she listen to me read the letter and agreed to it on speaker phone with others present.

    9) While I was okay with the verbal approval, two days prior to the court date I asked her to read it and help me make changes before it went out as final copy. I received no feedback, what so ever. She made comments while i read it like it sounded fine and everything was perfect and that she trusted me totally.

  2. 10) Then the day of the hearing, she panicked and made false allegations that the letter was not hers. The state police were alerted and subsequently my home was raided.

    11) Marina has had a history of abuse (she has no access to her children because of issues), some of the abuse is from her to friends, her culture and background are unique and very different from a US culture. No one is perfect, but from the way she puts it is as if she is being threatened with something, to do this with all the evidence to show in court of her instability and being pressured by police.

    12) Several Months ago Just before she came to take Zagala(DOG) back to NY with her, she arrived at my home @ 3:30 am, she rang the door bell and told me of a story of how she and Mike(boyfriend) broke up and she was hiding from the New Britain police for assaulting her boyfriend Mike and that she was scared and needed a place to go. She said she hide under a SUV for several hours in the parking lot of the apartment complex

    13) I never asked questions and gave her access to the spare bed and she also needed a shower from hiding under an SUV in the parking lot of the apt complex. There is a police report in New Britain that will validate this story. She again said she wanted to sleep with me and needed emotional comfort. I let her know I was not going to allow that and that our friendship was more important and that I did not feel the same way physically to her. Marina needed help not complexity in her life.

    14) Marina and I spoke on the phone and discussed this letter and she verbally approved it with others in the house listening. This is a sad misunderstanding and a very traumatic abuse of the CT State Police and the CRIMINALS RUNNING THE JUSTICE IN CT. Marina has a history and documented history of erratic behavior. I never judged her and supporter her and her Dog for over a year and a half.

    15) There are phone records and NSA recording of the phone calls - no news here unless the truth is what you want. Again there is no news in the truth and no truth in the news.

    16) I am now believing that this is why the CT State Police, Brenda and the Judge across the hall from Gold signed a warrant and confiscated the $50,000.00 worth of technology in my home. They also stole all of my health records and Case information for my divorce and criminal cases.

    17) Again this is the CT State Judaical corruption coming to rest on a innocent man for a crime of speaking out about judicial phuckery. They, the CT state police and the Judicial branch with Dierdra Daily ( are colluding to coerce and frighten the public to get what they want. They needed any reason to steal all my computers knowing i would be in my house for 1.5-2 yrs publicly humiliating them and the CT State police and highlighting the all out corruption being white washed.

    18) There is a lot of strange information I have on Marina she lived here for several months, if I go to court on this i will be forced to say it on the stand. Her character is at best questionable, and loaded with irrational decisions and other habits, not to mention violence documented in the West Hartford Police case against her.

    19) there was no reason for her copy of everyone, was never on copy, so someone got to her and scared her to make a statement and thats when the CT State police got involved ....she recanted and changed her story. There are witnesses here in the home that will and can testify as to the words she spoke on the phone. She is claiming one thing and hiding the other facts. Typical for corruption and coercion with the CT State Police, non of this is a crime.