Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Years From In Middletown We Trust!

Happy new year from
in middletown we trust

2015 is gone, 2016 is here! We always love progress, so that’s awesome, and we’re one year closer to  the end of Dan Drew’s Term. We are no fan of Mr. Drew here, so if you were misled to understand we were, well imagine this as a choose your own adventure book, and turn to page 76. We can’t say 2015 was a great year. First, and foremost, yes, it was an Election Year, and a miserable one at that. Dan Drew, and the Dem’s held on, and we watched some tragedies along the way as well. Hope P. Kasper learned that speaking against the machine that is Dan Drew, will get you thrown out on your ass, and all your shit in trash bags, too. We welcomed Phil Pessina back to the council, but Linda Salafia was forced to choose being on the Council, or Board of Ed; having won both races. No one can put blame on any one person or event for Sandra having lost, because she lost by such a wide margin. I suppose if it were closer, it would be easier to associate blame. But the fact is, Middetown is a Democratic town, by a huge margin; almost 4:1! Brian E. Clark kept things interesting, to say the least. He spoke a lot of truth, and took chances that a typical candidate wouldn’t, and in the end it cost him, but I’m not so sure he had any illusions of winning.

Ex- Deputy Chief of Police, Patrick McMahon lost his lawsuit against the city. McMahon was fired for allegedly drinking while on duty, and sought to reclaim his job, and punitive damages through the lawsuit. He has filed an appeal, so we that to look forward to in 2016. Let’s not forget that Mr. Drew still has 10 other lawsuits hanging out there, against the city and himself. 2016 could be an expensive year for the City of Middletown. We also appropriated $15 Million to finish the Mattabassett Sewer Project, and $34.5 Million to upgrade our parks and athletic fields. So, 2016 has already started out being an expensive year.

What can we hope for in 2016? I think the term “fiscal responsibility” needs to be in the regular vocabulary of everyone at City Hall. We are already running on money we don’t have, we cannot afford to go further in to debt. How we go about that with liberal spenders at the wheel, is anyone’s guess. As for general morale in the City, well, that’s left up to all of us. Let’s make an effort to be nicer to our fellow man. Make a resolution to hate less. That’s a New Year’s Resolution that is completely doable, and it will pay back in dividends. Happy New Year, and thank you for following us! 

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