Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Micale Family Moves On

The Micale Family Moves on

On March 1, 2015, Anthony & Brent Micale, lost their Mother and Wife, respectively, and Kimberly Johnson was also killed, and taken from her family when a house fire tore through the Micale home. Brent was spared, escaping out of a window, and Anthony was at a friend’s house that night, thankfully.

Losing one’s home and possessions is one awful thing in itself, losing a Wife and Mother, and a friend only adds more weight to the grief. No one can ever know what Brent or Anthony have went through, but the community responded with as much love, help, and support as they could. Having raised tens of thousands of dollars, it made it easier to regain some of the material things lost, and provide a new, safer home for Anthony. Brent did just about as good, if not better than any other man put in that position.

In May, local business owners John & Judy Clark, owners of WCNX Radio Inc. here in Middletown, arranged it so that Anthony could go to White Plains, New York, to see the WWE Live, and meet with his hero, John Cena. Mr. Cena was incredibly generous with his time and autographed anything he wanted, and yes, Anthony even go to wear the WWE World Championship Belt, and take all the pictures they wanted. They all had a great time.

Nothing will bring back Cheryl or Kimberly, but we hold them in our hearts forever. It’s our profound memories of them that will get us through this world, until one day, we are reunited with them. Brent and Anthony are very close to us here at, In Middletown We Trust, and we love them, and wish the all the best in the new year to come.

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