Friday, December 18, 2015

Inmate’s Food Post Raises Hell

Earlier today, we posted a picture on Facebook, of food, that an inmate in a Correctional Facility could purchase, and is popular around the holiday’s, and the long and short of it: People went ape shit! We regularly share our posts in different groups, relating in everything from “I grew up in Middletown, CT”, to “CT Conservatives”, and everything in between. It gets our posts out there for people to read, and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. What became very clear, very quickly, is nobody really gives a damn about inmates, or what they eat, and basically they’re sub- human, and should be fed gruel and toilet water.

The other resounding feeling that was related, was we wouldn’t feel that way if we were victims of these criminals. I’m sorry, did I miss something? How does anyone know that any of us here at, In Middletown We Trust, aren’t victims of violent crime?
Speaking for myself, someone attempted to murder me in 2012, and that person received 22 years in prison for it. But I forgave that person before he was sentenced, and I said it to his face. It wasn’t one of those I’ll forgive him to God, and he’ll get his punishment. No, that man is going to serve his punishment knowing he doesn’t hold that power over me, and he’ll remember me forgiving him before he was sentenced.

The original goal of that post wasn’t to raise all sorts of hell before Christmas, but to get people to be thankful for what they have. Most of you failed miserably. You showed what is wrong with this world. Hate. You didn’t even show common decency for the simple fact that inmates are people too. Human Beings that make mistakes, the same as you and me. The difference? They got caught, and you didn’t. Everyone, everyday, breaks laws that people are sitting in prison for right now. In a world full of problems, you added to them, instead of trying to show kindness, and maybe create some peace.

But you don’t need me to tell you this, because deep down you already know it, and the forgiveness you seek is between you and God. I’ve said my peace. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. Merry Christmas.

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  1. Middletown Insider is offering a series, "From Behind Bars". If you want to get a feel for what it is like for inmates, this will give you a good idea. Keep in mind, not everyone convicted of a crime is actually guilty, and not everyone acquitted is innocent.