Monday, November 23, 2015

The Middletown insider returns!

When we had begun to plan our site out for development, it was a dark time in Middletown Politics. The Democrats had just ran away with the Election, and then suddenly, without warning, the Middletown Insider was shut down, due to mysterious, and conveniently timed complaints. We certainly had no ideas of taking over, but as time went on, things looked bleak. We had been in contact with the Insider’s staff regularly, and we’d approached them with the idea of this site, and frankly, we offered it to them to run as their own. They persevered, however, and there was talk of naming a new editor. We offered up Libertatem Orator, to take the place as the new editor. They made the right decision though, and named William Boylan, as their new editor, allowing us to proceed with our project, while they moved forward with theirs.

We, frankly, didn’t think it would work out for them. They’d had complaints in the past, however unfounded they were. But, it was enough to shut them down, a few different times. What we don’t understand, and it’s a valid point of confusion, is how they were allowed to be shut down. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are pretty clear documents. There is no deciphering that must be done. No code to be broken. It’s written in the best English possible, and when it says “free speech”, that’s pretty clear. “Freedom of Press” is another uncomplicated phrase. In fact, let’s just take a look at the First Amendment as a whole:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Yup! Pretty clear, at least to me. I know Google has their own set of rules, but this is a document that trumps all the rules you want to make. I also happen to know that with Google, Facebook, and the like, that if you throw any kind of complaint at them, they’ll act first and ask questions later. It sucks for the guy who didn’t do anything, but it allows people who plainly just don’t like what someone says, to at least, get a temporary win in their column. The way that this process is handled seriously needs to be reviewed, because in the meantime, justice, and freedoms are tossed by the wayside.

We are happy that the Insider is back. And you can bet, if shenanigans happen like this again, we’ll be there to call it out, and I believe they’ll do the same for us. We all have to co-exist peacefully, and we will, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to question our leaders when an issue arises. That’s how this country was founded. We may be getting further and further away from how things used to be, but you can rest assured, that someone is still on watch to protect our most basic freedoms. 


  1. Indeed, The Middletown Insider is alive and well. Still at times controversial, its focus is as an on-line alternative news, information and entertainment outlet for Middletown CT, and beyond.

    With over 620,000 page views in just over 4 years, it features a variety of items of local, state-wide, national and international interest and welcomes submissions from the general public, public and private entities, government employees and officials. (Whistle blowers especially welcome!) William Boylan, Editor-in-Chief

  2. Billyboy has caused the MRTC to disown the Insider. He has turned it, the Insider into his own bully pulpit, to not only attack local politicians distastefully, but also local residents. All former members of the Insider do NOT approve if his actions, he has been warned and asked to stop. Now that he will not be going to Ohio s thought we will be calling him out publicly.

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  3. I totally agree with Moral decay. you using this page and your other page to bully people, make false accusations against people and harass people at the local home depot is wrong and you need to be stopped. your holier than thou attitude and thinking you god and better than people needs to stop. Unless you have holes in your hands like Christ, you sir are not perfect. People are very happy to see that the MRTC has disowned the insider because of you tactics and bullying. just remember God does not like evil and Karma has a way of coming back to people ten fold.

  4. You speak if free speech yet you censor other people's comments.

  5. You speak if free speech yet you censor other people's comments.

  6. i have been following your blog about your neighbor! just from reading your own words, don't you think that you are the NEIGHBOR FROM HELL AND NOT THEM. you are always calling about their dogs during the day time when you can barely hear it from where you first started the video. you clearly have some sort of vendetta against them because i have read your blogs about your neighbors.
    you think you run Middletown, I also googled your name and I saw the video of you at Home Depot! lets just say if that was me you were filming i would have broken your camera. let people live their lives and you get a life.
    I also read your blog about an assassination attempt on some politician. that made me laugh because it was a delusion blog. there was nothing about it in the news. you use this blog to spread lies and make shit up. someone should print all these blogs out and bring it to a judge and then they would put you in mental institution.